Welcome to “The Christians’ Compass”. This website has a collection of Christian writings to help guide in your pathway to Heaven. These writings are not intended to supersede the Bible, (which is the preeminent Christians’ compass), but rather, to assist you in understanding the Bible and to help you in applying God’s guidelines in your daily life. These Christian writings comprise a range of subjects; some may be controversial subjects, others may pertain to teachings that are no longer considered important for the Christian in some congregations. May you prayerfully and carefully read these writings, comparing them to the Bible.

The writings on this website are used by permission. If you want to copy, post or distribute these writings, please seek permission to do so from the original publishers of these writings. Contact information can be found on the page of each writing and in the “Links & Contacts” section below.


Links & Contacts:

We have displayed links and/or contact information to various sites or companies that we believe might be helpful to you in your Christian walk. Some of these companies do not have web pages, you need to contact them by mail or phone. We hope that these links and contacts will be a blessing to you!

Bible Helps

A tract & booklet ministry; we have included a few of their booklets on our site. They depend on donations to send free tracts & booklets throughout the world. Contact by mail: Bible Helps, P.O. Box 391, Hanover, PA 17331, USA

Lamp and Light Publishers

They print & sell books, tracts, songbooks, Bible study helps, Sunday school material, etc. They provide free Bible study courses to interested people. We have included a few of their tracts on our site. Contacts: Lamp and Light Publishers, 26 Road 5577, Farmington, NM 87401-1436, USA. Phone: (505)632-3521

Scroll Publishing

A publisher of Christian books challenging readers to explore and return to the historic Christianity of the primitive church. The majority of their publications pertain to the early church, the church that existed prior to Constantine's attempt to blend Christianity with worldly power.